loading up to next adventure spot

Adventures US

Some cool Adventures US images: loading up to next adventure spot Image by bugeaters The river just didn’t do it for us so we loaded up and heading back to town Family River Adventure Image by wyldh2o.com www.wyldh2o.com/ A beautiful hot day on the McKenzie River. Pattie and I took the helm and enjoyed the […]

Traveler’s Checklist


Do I have:     U.S. Passport or other recommended ID for U.S. citizens? (Carry it; do not pack it). ( U.S. Department of State: Travel ) Green Card (Form I-551) or document for Lawful Permanent Residents? (Advance Parole if LPR status is pending). ( U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services )Failure to have Form I-551 or document for lawful permanent […]

Travel-alone Tips

travel alone

Traveling alone can give you unique personal experiences in new places. Take full advantage of these opportunities while maintaining your safety. Tips: Safty First  1 Consider learning basic self-defense. For instance, by striking the eyes, nose, throat, groin or knees, you can disable an assailant. 2 Research your destination so you’ll know what to expect […]

Nice Us Culture

us Culture

A few nice us Culture images I found: December 5, 2008 Morning Calm Weekly – IMCOM-Korea – US Army Korea Image by Morning Calm News Command Sgt. Maj. Bobby Gallardo 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment command sergeant major (center), lifts his arms in encouragement during the Manchu Mile 25-mile ruck march. — U.S. Army photo […]

A few nice Us Space Adventures

Us Space Adventures

A few nice Us Space Adventures  found: IMG_1170 Image by Wootang01 Everyone loves to hate Hong Kong Disneyland. The media reviles the park and serves it up as tabloid fodder, reveling in an orgy of cruel delight with every single hiring misstep and every missed attendance goal. Local citizens, with whom my conversations have yielded […]

Cabrillo National Monument – San Diego, California

US traveling Tips

Check out these US traveling Tips images: Cabrillo National Monument – San Diego, California / サンディエゴ (カリフォルニア) Image by Jose P Isern Comas Isern Comas, Jose P.,, photographer. The Cabrillo National Monument. San Diego, California – 1991 1 slide: color. On black

Nice Travel Tips in USA

Travel Tips  USA

Some cool Travel Tips USA images: Salt Lake City, Utah / ソルト・レーク・シティ (ユタ) Image by Jose P Isern Comas Isern Comas, Jose P.,, photographer. Salt Lake City, Utah – 1991 1 slide: color.

Beautiful views and fun things to do at Pismo Beach


As holidays approach plans are underway in most of the people’s mind on which destination they want to visit. The best place to be where you can have fun in a beach is the Pismo state beach where you will also enjoy bird watching which is a popular activity there. In the US it’s the […]

A Few Nice Culture Of The United States

Culture of the United States

A few nice Culture of the United States images I found: Immature fruits and leaves of Ficus carica, Fig, Common fig….Lá và trái non của cây Sung ngọt, Sung Mỹ … Image by Vietnam Plants / Cây cỏ Vietnam Vietnamese named : Sung, Sung ngọt, Sung Mỹ. Common names : Common Figs Scientist name : […]

2010 Operation Rising Star Final Night – 08

Travel Tips  USA

Check out these Travel Tips USA images: 2010 Operation Rising Star Final Night – 08 Image by familymwr (U.S. Army photo by Bill Bradner, FMWRC Public Affairs. Cleared for public release, not for commercial use, attribution requested) www.armymwr.com Army wife Gomez wins Operation Rising Star military singing contest By Tim Hipps FMWRC Public Affairs FORT […]